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Effective negotiation helps you to solve situations when you struggle getting results from people of whom you need support, yet on whom you have no direct authority. This training will help you to improve your win-win negotiation skills. Effective negotiations helps you to solve situations and find solutions that are acceptable to both parties. The negotiation is a careful exploration of your position and the other person’s position. The goal is to find an acceptable mutual compromise. It leaves both parties with the feeling that they won after the event. This positive feeling helps people keeping good working relationships afterwards.


Monitor with a toolbox, understand and apply new behaviors and action levers to negotiate

Outline a methodology for positioning information in different ways depending on the syle of the negotiators

Apply techniques for successful negotiation by participating in their own practise cases

Identify different behaviors driven by negotiation challenges and may lead to dead ends

Demonstrate the use of making successful concessions

Develop an action plan to improve negotiation skills

 Educational objectives

Understand the basic missions of the manager

Acquire reflexes to optimize one’s mode of communication and its management style

Identify effective and ineffective attitudes

 Detailed Program  

Expand your influence capacity to negotiate

1. The principles of influence

  • Identify your negotiation style
  • Be persuasive : the keys to win and be a successfull leader
  • Set your capacity for innovation and adaptation to serve your negotiations
  • Know yourself to better adapt to your contact
  • Identify the different levers that can make your interlocutor « move »
  • The impacts and benefits of good negotiations
  • Key principles for effective negotiation
  • Use listening and persuasion techniques, active listening and interaction
  • The art of questioning techniques
  • Identify expectations
  • Psychological tools : the 8 motivation factors according to the personality of your contact
  • Assess your ability to negociate and your areas for improvement

Sharing situational experiences when negotiation techniques are useful

Scenario : Identification of your contact means of influence

Exercise by two ; group discussion and review

individual exercice to identify what facilitates negotiation or makes it fail

Self diagnosis : Identify your negotiation style

2. Prepare your negotiation

  • To identify issues and objectives: to identify primary and secondary objectives
  • To analyze ones negotiation flexibility and anticipate those of your interlocutor
  • To identify the keys to a successful negotiation and to have a Best Alternative to Negociate (BAN)
  • Clarify and define your purpose and what is and is not negotiable
  • Getting to know the other part: Adapt your style for more effective communication (PCM®)
  • Cross-Cultural Negotiations
  • Principles and attitude for a successful negotiation : how to facilitate the process ; and overcome the resistances and fears, to be opened and self-confident
  • Appropriate behavior for successful negotiation in nonprofit sector organization

Test: how do you communicate ?

Exercice : Set up your selling points matrix

Exercice to Identify specific motivation according to the speech (source : Process Communication®)

Training, briefing and debriefing

3. Win-win negotiation for Success

  • A partners approach with open-mindedness, honesty, forthcoming and sincerity
  • Understand the benefit of working towards « other part » advantages; give out information; show that you trust the other person
  • The mechanisms for opening up and developing mutual creativity in crafting agreements and solutions
  • Efficient ways to seriously, sincerely get interest in maximising respective benefits
  • As a scientific leader, develop your skills and strategies to implement your vision of partnership and collaboration with IARC
  • Create innovative solutions with a mind mapping
  • Be assertive without being agressive, to lower the tensions
  • Manage objections while preserving the relationship
  • Learning and action planning review

Scenario: intensive training in negotiation

Personal Action Plan: Actions to implement to negotiate effectively

 Educational methods

During this training, the participant transposes specific situations to become aware enough to go for change. The participant can freely express himself (herself) on one’s capabilities and difficulties. He(she) quickly and efficiently integrates this training as practical exercises and various situation scenarios make it a positive model. Also video testimonials of managers from other companies allow to share the vision of the other managers / project managers.

Other training in English

Training INTER-Entreprise Duration : 2 days (14 hours training)
Rate :

2058 €

Dates :
  • 21 & 22 March 2024
  • 13 & 14 June 2024
  • 17 & 18 Sept. 2024
  • 11 & 12 Dec. 2024
or you choose the dates !
Lieu : Lyon-Paris-Toulouse ou à définir
Intervenant: Isabelle Dreuilhe-Leiterer

Tél: 06 82 55 98 09

Mail: isabelle.dreuilhe@cowinr.fr

Code : ENG1506

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Training INTRA
(Maximun 9 people)
Duration : 2 days (14 hours training)
Rates :  

4151 €

Dates : you choose the dates!
Place : in your offices
Intervenant : Isabelle Dreuilhe-Leiterer
Code : Eng1506

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