Stress Management

 Educational objectives

Know how to identify the symptoms, the causes and protect oneself from the stress

Set up reflexes and efficient techniques to prevent the stress

Control one’s feelings and anxiety

Train with new relational skills with the team, outside of the team and in Project management

Manage the relational pressures and the stressful situations in a long-lasting way

 Detailed Program  


  • Definition of stress – Differentiate stress from the off-stress
  • Identify one’s sources of stress by means of the RAHE scale
  • The General Syndrome of Adaptation S.G.A.
  • Stress drivers and levels of stress
  • The psychosocial risks
  • How to manage one’s own balance within the group project
  • Group work to identify the curative actions
  • Exercise positive viewing to get fresh ideas
  • Exercising relaxation and Qi Gong

Practical exercise: present a constructive speech in the structuring


  • Playful exercises with cubes
  • Develop a protective behavior
  • Drivers – Contribution of Neuro Linguistic Program ( NLP): to become aware of one’s behavior
  • How to create the conditions of trust and solidarity
  • Identify the psychological needs of one’s speakers supported by Process communication

Auto diagnosis of its relational style and the dominant drivers


  • Practice the listening of its feelings
  • Which limits to operate
  • The approach of the neurosciences to manage oneself better
  • The line of the time of my resources
  • Identify 8 fundamental psychological needs to get fresh ideas
  • The good reflexes to recover further to a stressful experience

Application exercise derived from the field: carry on a touchy message while keeping on being constructive


The formula of 2 consecutive days allows:

  • a better integration of modules
  • a better intellectual availability
  • to stimulate the period of thinking, evening time, between two days of training
  • to have a better educational synergy

 Educational methods

Interactive pedagogy which allows the participants to train and to build one’s own tools.

An original approach strengthened by the practice of exercises of relaxation stemming from Qi Gong and from self-massage.

A questionnaire of the expectations of the participants will be sent to better adapt the training to the situations experienced by the participants.

A document with theoretical contributions and exercises will be given to the participants, either in files format, or under typical  » ibico  » binding format.

An index card memo will also summarize the key points of some key principles of the training.

 Other training in English

Training INTER-Entreprise
Duration : 2 days (14 hours training)
Rate :  

1960 €

Dates :  
  • 17 & 18 Nov. 2022
  • 04 & 05 April 2023
  • 06 & 07 July 2023
  • 05 & 06 Oct. 2023
  • 13 & 14 Dec. 2023
  • or you choose the dates !

    Place : Écully (69)
    Trainer: Chantal Englebert Balmont
    Code : ENG1503

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    Training INTRA
    (Maximun 9 people)
    Duration : 2 days (14 hours training)
    Rates :  

    3955 €

    Dates : you choose the dates!
    Place : in your offices
    Trainer : Chantal Englebert Balmont
    Code : Eng1503

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